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Major slowdown esp. with selection enabled & multiple (remote?) frames?

From: Paul Smith
Subject: Major slowdown esp. with selection enabled & multiple (remote?) frames?
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 15:32:34 -0500

Hi all.  I realize this will not be super-scientific: right now I just
don't have the information to be more specific.  If no one has any ideas
I'll try to do better.

I'm using GNU Emacs 24.3.1 (GTK) on my GNU/Linux Mint 15 desktop from
this PPA: (quantal).

The way I start it is that I invoke "emacs --daemon", then I use
emacsclient to start various different frames.  I typically have two
graphical frames, at least, on my desktop at work.  Then I go home and
when I work from home I usually create an xterm on my home system, then
ssh to my work system and run "emacsclient -nw" to get a TTY frame (all
talking to the same Emacs daemon) and work from there.

I don't close down the remote Emacs sessions when I come back to work, I
leave it running.

When I first start things up, everything works fine and all is goodness.
I can't be specific about exactly when it happens or what causes it, but
after some time (a day or so at least) my Emacs windows start to be
unbearably slow especially when I have select mode enabled.  It's a bit
jerky without select mode, but when I use C-SPC to start select then it
will literally take a few seconds to even use C-n a few times (without
requiring scrolling the buffer).  Quite frustrating.

Then I kill the Emacs daemon and restart it and recreate my frames and
it works fine again.

I thought it might be related to the remote session using "emacs -nw" so
I've tried not been doing that (using a separate "emacs" rather than
"emacsclient", which is annoying) but it doesn't seem to solve the

I can't say exactly when this started, but I'm used to leaving my Emacs
sessions running for weeks at a time without restarting and I'm sure I
would have noticed it if it had always been happening.

I really don't know WHAT is going on or how to quantify this.

I was wondering if anyone else had seen anything like it or has any
thoughts.  I'll try to pay more attention in the meantime.

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