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Re: Using string-rectangle more than once

From: Sebastien Vauban
Subject: Re: Using string-rectangle more than once
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2013 16:58:39 +0100
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Hello Michael,

Michael Heerdegen wrote:
> "Sebastien Vauban" <> writes:
>> I do select the same region, call `C-x r t', and have to type the
>> empty string.  But pressing RET selects the default, that is the last
>> replacement string...  which is not empty.
>> How to pass an empty string, then?
> I would just kill the rectangle instead: C-x r k.

As you notice, my "rectangle" capability is still limited. And your solution is
correct, then.

Though, as this is common to many other situations, is there a way to pass the
empty string, instead of confirming to use the default proposition?

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

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