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[Gnus] persistent marks

From: ernobe
Subject: [Gnus] persistent marks
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 08:11:03 -0600
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Hi all

I'm a gnu Gnus user and am wondering if someone can help me with a
certain functionality I've been trying to achieve.  Ideally I would be
able to have it mark the articles as usual, but not carry out the
corresponding action until I command it.  For example, all articles I
read will be marked R, but will continue to be shown in summary until I
make them go away.  Or if I choose to mark them as expunged, they will
continue to show up and have the expunge mark until I actually issue the
expunge command, etc.  Is this somehow possible?

I've tried to do it with the following:

(defun my-add-ancient-articles (group articles)
  (if (string= group "")
      (append gnus-newsgroup-ancient articles)
(setq gnus-alter-articles-to-read-function 'my-add-ancient-articles)

I have also been unable to get it to set a mark with the article
selection hooks.  Another way to do it would be to have it set a mark
based on a score, but it doesn't appear to be possible with the existing
scoring rules.

"The world of existence is an emanation of the merciful attribute of God."

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