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Re: [Gnus] persistent marks

From: ernobe
Subject: Re: [Gnus] persistent marks
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 15:00:31 -0600
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Emanuel Berg <> writes:
> I use Gnus all the time (right now, for example) and
> that is possible, make no mistake about it. Only... I
> don't understand what "that" is. Do you want to remove
> read articles (i.e., those marked with "R") or the other
> way around, would you like to *keep* them?
> Also, you know of gnu.emacs.gnus, I take it?

gnu.emacs.gnus was the first group I posted to with Gnus, but something
went horribly wrong and apparently the post is irretrievably lost
somewhere in cyberspace.  I did an improved version and posted here; the
only thing I did different this time was that I didn't cross-post to  I'll try cross-posting to alt.test and
newsreader.test to see if that's the problem.

Anyway, perhaps you didn't get my earlier point about what I'm trying to
achieve because I didn't explain that I'm using a spool for the news.  I
get the news with slrnpull and it goes into the archives so I don't have
to worry about Gnus connecting to the internet all the time.  I don't
worry about *keeping* or *losing* articles because I already have them
and will expire them when I so choose.  I handle expiration, not Gnus,
but I would still want to be able to mark them as expirable (E) with the
understanding that once I say expire they will not be shown next
session.  Those that I read will get marked with R but will continue to
show up on the summary session after session (perhaps marked O in
subsequent ones) until I expire them too.  The problem is that Gnus
treats the R and E marks as commands to delete or expire when exiting
the current session, and I want it to mark them and leave the commanding
to me, in the current or subsequent sessions.


"The world of existence is an emanation of the merciful attribute of God."

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