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Re: right click menu for cut, copy, paste

From: G. Martin Butz
Subject: Re: right click menu for cut, copy, paste
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 23:54:55 +0100
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Am 10.11.2013 21:53, schrieb Eli Zaretskii:
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2013 21:43:14 +0100
From: "G. Martin Butz" <address@hidden>
CC: address@hidden

Hi Eli,

Are you looking for this?

-- quote --
Instead of using the mouse, you can also invoke the first menu bar item
by pressing <F10> (to run the command menu-bar-open). You can then
navigate the menus with the arrow keys. To activate a selected menu
item, press <RET>; to cancel menu navigation, press <ESC>.
-- /quote --

I'm not looking for anything; Samuel does.

F10 doesn't work with all toolkits, and Samuel asked for a right-click

Sorry, have not read exactly. And sure, F10 might not work, but menu-bar-open can be bind to mouse and

(global-set-key (kbd "<mouse-3>") 'menu-bar-open)

works for me.


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