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Re: Make Emacs print "^J" instead of "\n" with `print-escape-newlines'?

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: Re: Make Emacs print "^J" instead of "\n" with `print-escape-newlines'?
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 00:41:40 +0100
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Damien Wyart <> writes:

> * Thorsten Jolitz <> in
>> > is there any way to make Emacs print "^J" instead of "\n" with
>> > (print-escape-newlines t)?
>> But I would still be interested in the first part.
> I think you would need to modify the following part of src/print.c:
>           if (c == '\n' && print_escape_newlines)
>         {
>           PRINTCHAR ('\\');
>           PRINTCHAR ('n');
>         }
> (not sure how to tell PRINTCHAR to print ^J) and recompile Emacs.

I see, although thats probably a bit too low-level for me. But thanks
for the hint, it motivated me to finally download the Emacs sources, the
C code seems to be quite readable - even when not knowing much about C
at all.


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