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multiline auto-indent in python-mode

From: Richard H Lee
Subject: multiline auto-indent in python-mode
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 01:48:35 +0000
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I'm using emacs 24.3.1 on cygwin64.

When in python mode I have a multiline section of code within a parenthesis, say:

print next(a for b in c
  if b = d)

If my cursor is at between 'd' and ')' and I hit space, emacs will indent the line I am on to the position of the opening parenthsis on the line above. Like so:

print next(a for b in c
           if b = d )

I just want python mode to not do any indentation as I have set up my own identation behaviour.

I tried setting python-mode-map to a fresh keymap, but it doesn't make any difference.

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