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Hang with markdown-mode

From: Leo
Subject: Hang with markdown-mode
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 17:52:05 +1100

The problem 

I use markdown-mode 1.9 in emacs 24.3.1 and I get a consistent hang when I do 
the following: 

1.  Start emacs 
2.  Create a new file, say, with name changetest.txt. 
3.  Put (or keep) it in markdown-mode. 
4.  Write some text in changetest.txt and save the file to disc. 
5.  Switch to another buffer, so that that buffer changetest.txt is not 
6.  Open the file changetest.txt in another editor. 
7.  Change and save the content in this other editor. 
8.  Go back to emacs and switch buffer to changetest.txt. 

You will get the message 

    changetest.txt changed on disk; really edit the buffer? (y, n, r or C-h) 

But then emacs will hang; no input will get you through the question prompt and 
keyboard-quit does nothing, so you have to kill emacs. 

Results of my investigation 

-  The problem arises only in markdown mode. 
-  The "changed on disk" message is issued by 

Via debug-on-error I was able to locate the problem a bit more in detail: 

-  It seems like the hang occurs through an endless recursion or loop in 
markdown-check-change-for-wiki-link which is triggered when emacs switches to 
the changetest.txt buffer. 
-  markdown-check-change-for-wiki-link is triggered through the 
window-configuration-change-hook hook. 


-  How can I avoid this, but keep the 
    markdown-check-change-for-wiki-link functionality? 
-  Is window-configuration-change-hook maybe not the right hook to put 
markdown-fontify-buffer-wiki-links in? 

Thanks, Leo 

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