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RE: RFC: Flavors - naming significant sets of customizations

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: RFC: Flavors - naming significant sets of customizations
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 13:14:29 -0800 (PST)

> >> First rule of Emacs:    Don't customize it :-)
> >
> > That goes [so much] against the grain of what Emacs is, and is for,
> > that I cannot even begin to comment on it.
> Just because Emacs allows customization doesn't mean that it ought to be
> customized upfront.

Just because Emacs is designed, explicitly, to be The Customizable Editor
does not mean that one ought not to customize it, up front or down back
or out sideways.

> 1. Emacs is usable without or with just minimal customization.

Well of course.  Goes without saying.

> 2. Let customization appear naturally and in an effort-less way.
> Let it grow.

Who would argue otherwise?  Who would say that customization should
be hard to do or unnatural?

> 3. I will not allow my neighbour to tell me how I arrange my
> furniture in my house.

Did one of your neighbors try to tell you how to arrange your house?
Don't stand for that.

Your furniture.  Your house.  (Tsk, tsk.  My, my, my.)

> Jambu's First rule of Emacs: Don't customize it.

That's your first customization choice ;-): preferring the default
settings.  Nothing wrong with that.  To each her own.

But did you intend that as a `First Rule of Emacs' for others too?
Including your neighbors? ;-)

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