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Re: RFC: Flavors - naming significant sets of customizations

From: William G. Gardella
Subject: Re: RFC: Flavors - naming significant sets of customizations
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2013 02:12:09 +0000
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Drew Adams <> writes:

>> > However, themes are not very 'hygienic' -- you cannot easily roll back a
>> > whole theme; when you choose a new theme, it works on top of the already
>> > chosen theme, with all the non-overridden settings still active.
>> Maybe I don't understand, but it sounds like a bug.
> It is.  Bug ##15687:
>> Or maybe a mis-use: custom themes *can* be stacked, so if you want to
>> replace a previous theme with a new one, then you need to remove the old
>> and add the new one.  Maybe the UI needs some work to make it more clear
>> (and make it easier to switch between themes).
> The bug is not the fact that you can accumulate the effects of multiple
> custom themes.  The bug is the fact that you cannot restore the state of
> Emacs before any theme was applied.  There is no way to take a snapshot
> of Emacs before theming and then restore to that.

Actually, there is: (disable-theme 'foo-theme), or globally,
(mapcar 'disable-theme 'custom-enabled-themes).  This functionality is
also already exposed by the M-x customize-themes GUI, which defaults to
disabling enabled themes for enabling a new one.

The "bug", if there is one, is simply that the UI doesn't expose this
nicely (in fact, doesn't expose it nicely for experienced users such as
yourself to notice it).

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