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Re: Gnus does not see new mail in Maildirs

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Gnus does not see new mail in Maildirs
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 22:36:04 +0100
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William G. Gardella <> writes:

> This is very close to the config I use myself and I
> love it, so I hope this advice helps.

I remember talking to you on gnu.emacs.gnus and I
didn't quite understand you, and that was because your
reasoning applied to nnmaildir, and mine to nnml.

In the Gnus manual FAQ on different solutions for mail
[1], I read:

> nnmaildir is largely similar to nnml, with some
> notable differences. Each message is stored in a
> separate file, but the filename is unrelated to the
> article number in Gnus. nnmaildir also stores the
> equivalent of nnml's overview files in one file per
> article, so it uses about twice as many inodes as
> nnml.

Well, that doesn't seem to be that radical a


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