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Re: RFC: Flavors - naming significant sets of customizations

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: RFC: Flavors - naming significant sets of customizations
Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2013 17:29:00 +0100
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Jambunathan K <> writes:

>> Yes, I will go through my Elisp and for each defun,
>> ask myself if it is something I did just because I
>> like it that way or if it is something others could
>> benefit from. I think most of it isn't, but I know
>> some is, so I will do it.
> Strange.  I went through precisely the same thoughts
> when I wrote the first ever library I wanted to
> share.

Yeah, but isn't that natural?

> So "merely" shifting your POV from "a user" to "a
> sharer" triggers a different chain of thoughts.  Even
> if you don't share, this is a good POV for it's own
> sake.

What? :) No, as for me, I always want all of my coding
public. I was once kicked out of my local Linux User
Group (a don't want to say which, because this might be
Googled and as for me, that's ancient history) because
almost every day I posted "odd material" (i.e., Linux
snippets and hacks) on their list :)

Actually, it is very sad. There is no one to talk to
except for Usenet. Where are all the programmers? They
are not doing what I'm doing, that's for sure.

>> When I'm done, should I post it on gnu.emacs.sources
> Yes or You can say that you want to put it in GNU
> ELPA (if the library is more useful).
> You will get lots(?) of feedback from experienced
> lispers.

Are you talking ELPA, or gnu.emacs.sources? Because I
posted my Emacs major mode "fpscalc" - small tool,
small revolution (compare Cuba) - but still an
undertaking, and I didn't get a single reply. On the
other hand, I got lots of help here, at
- so perhaps there wasn't much to say?

As for now, I don't know how to access ELPA. I guess
that's in one of the links you gave earlier. Getting'

> I think of mailing lists as dropbox (only that the
> dropbox is all over the city) or as a pastebin.  I
> just "save" my little trick in the mailing list and
> in a decade from now if I have to "retrieve" that
> snippet all I have to do is search for my own posts.
> The "side effect" is that others can also hit upon
> it.

Listbots are great! I wouldn't know jack without
them. I do exactly as you do for conversations (facts,
quotes, etc.) but for the code itself, I always keep on
my computer in their original files, as well as scp to
a remote location. I would rather loose all my physical
possessions than those system-wide configuration files.

Emanuel Berg, programmer-for-rent. CV, projects, etc at uXu
underground experts united:

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