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Swamp Gas Emacs, GNU, Linux, and more

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Swamp Gas Emacs, GNU, Linux, and more
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2014 07:54:26 +0100

The GNU project must have been fucking amazing. Just
imagine to have a wonderful system, including all the
tools, so everything is interconnected with the same
interface but still isolated. And everything in C. This
is why it always frustrates me to hear RMS or some
other GNU fanatic express negativism what the f--- to
call Linux (and more). If you can't appreciate *that*,
you are out of perspective for good!

Today, consider the game industry. How many people are
involved in that? Well, OK, it's the nature of consumer
products that people want new things. And also it
follows the hardware in intricate yet somewhat
predictable ways so there are new things to do and more
money to make.

But what about the Ubuntu project - ?! And the Debian
project (if you think your Gnus lacks activity, just
hook up to linux.debian.user). And those are

The Linux kernel itself - the LKML traffic is
*immense*. And here we talk about a noninteractive,
compiled *kernel*, so you shouldn't even notice it! But
a kernel is obviously related to hardware just as
games, which might amount for some.

But isn't it much more natural to take an interest in
the things that are closer to you, that you use (in a
feedback sense)? I know some people who read books on
beards - and they all have beards!

My hunch is, this is a dead end. Like 3/4 or half of
all software people should stop doing what they're
doing, because it is all in terms of technology anyway,
and instead write software to improve the
mental-physical and emotional-social health of the
entire population. We need a second revolution of
computer altruism now that free software/open
source/portable OSs/piracy/information access/whatever
is not an issue anymore.

It is time to kill the darlings, and get new ones.

I'm looking forward to reading what you have to say
about this. This isn't new thoughts. Use private mail
if that feels better.

underground experts united:

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