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RE: key binding

From: Mickey Ferguson
Subject: RE: key binding
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 20:12:07 +0000

Stefan Monnier wrote:

>Post by Mickey Ferguson
>(global-set-key (kbd "<escape><f3>") (lambda () (interactive)
>(compare-windows t)))

>(global-set-key [M-f3] (lambda () (interactive) (compare-windows t)))
>(global-set-key [?\e f3] (lambda () (interactive) (compare-windows t)))

>The problem with your binding is that it uses the `escape' event.
>This event is normally unbound and turned (via function-key-map) into an
>ESC event (the "ASCII char 27 known as 'escape'") to which lots of
>things are bound. This mapping is because ESC is what is received in
>a text terminal when you press the `escape' key, so some code somewhere
>needs to "unify" the ESC char (from the tty) and the `escape' event
>(from the GUI library).

Thanks, Stefan.  The latter suggestion worked.  And since my problem is
now solved, I'm happy!  :-)  And thanks also for the great explanation of
what was wrong with my original attempt.  A lot of stuff I didn't know.

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