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Re: Multiple "outgoing" email accounts.

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: Multiple "outgoing" email accounts.
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2014 14:14:51 +0800
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address@hidden (N. Jackson) writes:

> "William G Gardella" <address@hidden> writes:
>> N.B. that in emacs24, you can also specify which SMTP server to use
>> for message-mode on a per message basis with an
>> "X-Message-SMTP-Method:" header, e.g.
>> X-Message-SMTP-Method: smtp 465
>> This eliminates much of the need for the setting of individual
>> smtpmail-* variables in these multiple accounts configurations for
>> message-mode MUAs like mu4e and Gnus.  This technique also lets you
>> switch between use of smtpmail and use of your system's local sendmail
>> binary:
>> X-Message-SMTP-Method: sendmail
>> See (info "(message) Mail Variables") for more info.
> I've been looking at using this header for in my set up for multiple
> email accounts and I find myself with questions that I haven't found the
> answers to yet in the documentation:
> !. Does the header get removed before the mail is sent?
> 2. Can one omit the port number and leave that to be retrieved from the
> .authinfo file?
> 3. Is there a command to insert the X-Message-SMTP-Method header?
> 4. When entering the value for the X-Message-SMTP-Method header, is
> there a way to use completion to select from available smtp servers, or
> from the entries in .authinfo?
> It would seem like an excessive amount of work, and error prone, to type
> in something like
>      X-Message-SMTP-Method: smtp 587 other-user
> every time I want to send an email.

I think the idea is to use posting styles to tell gnus to set up the
appropriate STMP method header, depending on your From address. As far
as I know, however, that means you can't cycle the From address in the
message-mode buffer and have it do the right thing. You'd have specify
the From address before the message buffer is set up. I'm looking at
this now, and I'll probably set up a wrapper around compose-mail.

I certainly hope the header gets removed...


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