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Re: A terminal emulator for running emacs

From: Prasoon Shukla
Subject: Re: A terminal emulator for running emacs
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2014 02:22:59 -0800 (PST)
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@Rusi: I'm not saying that the Emacs GUI is 'horribly broken' in general. It is 
hirribly broken on my netbook because of some KDE specific bug. So, on 
maximizing, it won't completely maximize, the scrollbars have holes in them, 
the minibuffer is twice its usual width with some blank space below it (because 
the window doesn't maximize completely). While using helm, all the information 
at the top of the helm buffer appears thrice as big (the font size). I don't 
know what you'll say, but I think that that is horribly broken. And yes, I use 
konsole. But then again, it cannot intercept certain key combinations. Thus 
this quest for x based terminal emulator (since xterm works, other might as 

@Peter : Yes, I'm aware of that. That is why I'm looking for a x based terminal 
emulator (since xterm works).

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