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RE: Autocomplete for Objective-C

From: Doug Lewan
Subject: RE: Autocomplete for Objective-C
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 14:51:56 +0000


You might consider looking at CEDET/EDE/Semantic. I'm hardly an expert, but it 
has some very good tools for different languages.

WRT tags: Tags let you jump to a symbol's definition (and back again). It's 
very useful, but doesn't address your explicit question. To use etags with 
Objective C, I would go to the root of your source tree and type:
    $ etags $(find . -type f -name '*.m')
M-. will ask you for a tag (or use the symbol at point if you want). The first 
time you use it, it will ask you for a TAGS table. Just give it the root 
directory of your source tree.

Douglas Lewan
Shubert Ticketing
(201) 489-8600 ext 224

Of course, shells have one feature that no other language has: subshells.

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> Subject: Autocomplete for Objective-C
> Hi,
> Is there available autocomplete for Objective-C, using GCC? If not, is
> there an example about how do this? I know that etags allows you create
> tables. But not sure how this works.
> Regards.
> Germán.

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