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Re: slime mode and keeping M-, for tags-loop-continue

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: slime mode and keeping M-, for tags-loop-continue
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 22:04:42 +0800
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Kevin Rodgers <address@hidden> writes:

> On 2/12/14 2:31 AM, Eric Abrahamsen wrote:
>> In slime mode, "M-," is rebound to slime-pop-find-definition-stack. This
>> means that if you've started out in dired and done "A" for
>> dired-do-search through a bunch of lisp files, you can't use M-, to
>> continue your search with tags-loop-continue. Has anyone else found this
>> annoying? Is there a simple solution for it?
> Just a guess:
> (add-hook 'slime-mode-hook
>         (lambda ()
>           ;; Don't shadow global `M-,' binding (tags-loop-continue):
>           (local-unset-key "\M-,")
>           ;; Replace with local `C-c,' (or `M-C-,'):
>           (local-set-key "\C-c," 'slime-pop-find-definition-stack)))

Sure, I could override the slime bindings, but I guess I was hoping for
a way to have it check to see if a search was in progress, and not stomp
on it if so...

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