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Emacsclient sends ^J, PicoLisp receives _

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: Emacsclient sends ^J, PicoLisp receives _
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014 11:12:19 +0100
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Hi List, 

I had this problem before but could not even get close to solving it
even with the help of this mailing list, so I try it again.

In a program, I let PicoLisp call Emacsclient to do some work and
receive the result as a nested list (with the syntax transformed from
Emacs Lisp to PicoLisp so it can be read-in right away).

This works quite well in most cases, but sometimes not.

Emacsclient sends this:

#+begin_src picolisp
  ## sent from Emacs
  (section (parent-id 8) "[2013-06-28 Fr 11:01]^J")
  ^J(headline (org-elem-id 12 ...) )

PicoLisp receives this:

#+begin_src picolisp
  ## received from PicoLisp 
   (section (parent-id 8) "[2013-06-28 Fr 11:01]^J")
  _ (headline (org-elem-id 12 ...

here, and only here, ^J is received as an underscore (_) , while
it is received as line-break in all the other cases (as desired).

Now its very hard to tell what might happen here. Who causes this
(Emacsclient? PicoLisp?) and why? It does not look any different from
the many other occurences of ^J in the nested list that is send.

Any hint would be welcome.


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