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RE: bookmark+ veeery slow

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bookmark+ veeery slow
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 09:05:29 -0800 (PST)

> I used to use bookmark+ until the display (update) of the bookmark list
> became very very slow.
> Also the jumping to bookmarks (C-x r b) is unusable slow.
> Today I updated all .el files from but
> that did not improve it.
> I wondered if it is in my bookmarks and looked around, removed some plink
> entries (I am on windows 7) but no luck.
> Finally I renamed the bookmark+.el file and restarted.
> "Standard" bookmarks work as fast as always.
> I also use icicles which I also updated today.
> I run emacs
> Any idea what I could do to get back the nice bookmark+ features?

It is better to take this off list, to discuss, investigate etc.
You can then report back to the list, if you like.


You will need to be more specific wrt what is slow - a recipe, for example.
Include any Bookmark+ option settings you use.  Include a sample bookmark
file (you can redact any personal info etc.) and a sample bookmark-list
state file - the smaller the better, provided they still manifest the

Performance of bookmark-list display and jumping to a bookmark are
quite different.  Please include a recipe for each.

For recipes etc. try to remove other stuff (e.g. Icicles) from the
equation.  Keep it simple - that will save you and me time discovering
what the problems are.


Here are some things to check or consider wrt slowness.  In general,
sorting many bookmarks and writing to disk are inherently slow.  Start
with those things when investigating.  You can tell Bookmark+ when to
do those things or not to do those things at all, etc.

Check your value of `bookmark-save-flag'.  Saving your bookmark file or
your bookmark-list state file can be slow if the file is large.

You can toggle `bookmark-save-flag' using `M-~' (in the bookmark list).
And you can of course set the value to a larger count.

If your bookmark file is large, consider whether you might prefer to
use two or more smaller bookmark files instead, i.e., for different

By default, Bookmark+ saves propertized bookmarks.  If you do not make
use of this feature (which allows, e.g., circular Lisp data and multiple
bookmarks that have the same name (but with other info being different))
then you can customize `bmkp-propertize-bookmark-names-flag' to nil, to
strip text properties for saving bookmarks to disk.

(Multiple bookmarks with the same name are important for autofile
bookmarks because the bookmark name is only the non-directory part of
the file name.  This feature lets you have different autofile bookmarks
for files of the same name in different directories.)

Do you use automatic bookmarking (`bmkp(-global)-auto-idle-bookmark-mode')?
If so, try turning it off.

You can turn off sorting in the bookmark list by default, if you find
that updating the list is slow: customize option `bmkp-sort-comparer'
to nil.  Or customize option `bmkp-sort-orders-alist' or

Is option `bmkp-bmenu-omitted-bookmarks' non-nil?

Is either `bmkp-bmenu-state-file' or `bmkp-bmenu-commands-file' large?
You can set them to nil.  Especially the former, if bookmark-list
display/updating is slow.

You can also just toggle whether to save the state file, to check
whether that is a performance problem: `C-M-~'.  And you can save it
manually, using `M-x bmkp-save-menu-list-state', to check how slow it is.

You can toggle whether setting a bookmark should automatically refresh
the saved copy of the latest bookmark-list display:
`M-x bmkp-toggle-bookmark-set-refreshes'.

Check whether you experience a slowdown from bookmark highlighting:
Remove bookmark+-lit.el from your load-path, to check.

You can turn off automatic-highlighting options: `bmkp-auto-light-when-set',
`bmkp-auto-light-when-jump', `bmkp-auto-light-relocate-when-jump-flag'. 

`?' in the bookmark-list display gives you more info about options etc.

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