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Re: setting the mode of a buffer

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: setting the mode of a buffer
Date: 7 Mar 2014 08:47:54 GMT
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lee wrote:
> Perhaps I´m going all wrong about this and there is a better way to
> reload a mode?

It's possible you don't need to reload the mode at all. This is Lisp,
after all, not C. If you change a function definition, you only need to
eval it (eval-defun, bound to C-M-x in emacs-lisp-mode), or you can
recompile the entire file.

If you change a defvar, eval'ing that won't load the new value, but you
can simply use setq to set the new value.

IME it's hardly never necessary to actually unload a feature and then
reload it.

Joost Kremers                                   address@hidden
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