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Re: Character repeation detection

From: Dan Espen
Subject: Re: Character repeation detection
Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2014 13:46:21 -0400
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Tom <address@hidden> writes:

> Jambunathan K <kjambunathan <at>> writes:
>> Here is a quick one that checks for 2 characters in a row.
>> Are you sure you don't want flyspell-mode and only this. What is your
>> usecase.  Why would you want this?
> I want to use it as a hotkey.
> It occured to me it's very unusual to type the same character 3
> times in a row. Two can occur in words, but 3 practically never.
> Therefore it could be used as a single key hotkey in text buffers
> where otherwise you use the characters to type.

I have a KVM that uses 3 presses of Ctrl as a way of sending commands
to the KVM.  3 presses followed by a key that represents the command.
I do sometimes accidentally hit Ctrl 3 times but the KVM
starts flashing the keyboard LED lights so it's easy to know I've hit
the key by accident.

> For example, I want to invoke occur. I press o and keep it pressed.
> After auto repeat types 3 o characters this function kicks in, removes
> the 3 typed Os from the buffer, removes the additional Os from the
> keyboard buffer (if I kept it pressed for two long) and calls occur.
> It seems to me it would be more convenient than typing multikey 
> hotkeys and it would give lots of new free bindings in addition to 
> the existing ones.

It would, but I suspect the modes that have a lot of key bindings
using typing keys (like Dired and buffer list) might present a problem.

Dan Espen

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