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ERC: freenode cloaking & autojoin

From: Gour
Subject: ERC: freenode cloaking & autojoin
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 15:22:45 +0100


I'm moving as much as possible to Emacs and IRC is on the table...I'm
trying to replace weechat with ERC...

I can authenticate on Freenode using same ssl certs which I was using
with weechat - I see my status is set to +Zi although it looks as
client's cert is not passed -it is missing when issuing whois command -
I only get: "useris using a secure connection" which is in accordance
with the - I use 24.3.1.

Another problem which I can't solve is this one: "Join after freenode
hostname cloak is set" (

I did follow: and noticed
that it seems, afaict, there is no longer "erc-server-NOTICE-functions",
but only "erc-server-NOTICE".

Besides that I've also changed  (string-match ".*NickServ set your
hostname to.*" in (defun ted-post-cloak-autojoin (proc parsed) and it
looks it does not work - iow. I'm auto-joined *before* cloak is set.

Debugging elisp functions is still above my head, so I'm asking for
help/advice how to make it work and/or if there is some other method to
do it considering I'd prefer to authenticate via ssl cert instead of
nickserv password?


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