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Setting sgml-basic-offset in .dir-locals?

From: Tim Visher
Subject: Setting sgml-basic-offset in .dir-locals?
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2014 16:34:56 -0400

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to override my default sgml-basic-offset in .dir-locals. My
directory structure is ~/git/{project1,projectn} and I have
~/git/.dir-locals setup like so:

    ((js-mode   .        ((js-indent-level   . 4)))
     (html-mode .        ((sgml-basic-offset . 4))))

Then I visit a file which is not html by default (a soy file) which
starts out in fundamental mode.

When I then activate html-mode manually, sgml-basic-offset is not set to 4.

How can I achieve my desired results? I would sgml-basic-offset to be
set to 4 whenever I turn html-mode on under ~/git.

Thanks in advance!


In Christ,

Timmy V. -- Spend less time on mail

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