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bookmarks plus and ? help

From: Alan
Subject: bookmarks plus and ? help
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 06:24:46 -0700 (PDT)
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To set context, the readme file for bookmarks+ says:
1. From the bookmark list (`C-x r l'):
      Use `?' to show the current bookmark-list status and general

While researching use of bookmark tags I noted that "?" used in this manner 
does not describe function "bmkp-copy-tags" or the key sequence that invokes 
it.  The *Help* buffer resulting from "?" does include the lines

T > C-y - Add tags copied from a bookmark to those marked (`C-u': all)
T > q   - Replace tags of marked with copied tags         (`C-u': all)

which make it clear that there must be a command that copies bookmark tags.

This leads me to wonder if this omission is deliberate--for the sake of brevity?

The same can be said of other tag commands, which have the same key map prefix:

C-x p t V       bmkp-set-tag-value-for-navlist
C-x p t c       bmkp-copy-tags
C-x p t p       bmkp-paste-add-tags
C-x p t q       bmkp-paste-replace-tags

(taken from the 'describe-bindings *Help* buffer--but I've not attempted to 
make a complete list)

For reference, The Commentary file says:

There are many more keys and commands for editing bookmark tags.
 You can copy tags (`C-x p t c') from one bookmark and paste them
 to others, either replacing the original tags (`C-x p t C-y') or
 adding to them (`C-x p t q').

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