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outshine.el howto?

From: Neal Becker
Subject: outshine.el howto?
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2014 11:24:02 -0400
User-agent: KNode/4.12.3

I just tried playing with outshine.el to edit python code.  I'm not having any 
luck.  Can't seem to figure out how to put in headings and have outshine 
actually work.  Maybe I have some version problems?

emacs: 24.3.1
outshine: 1.0
python-mode.el: 5.2.0

in .emacs:
(require 'outshine)
(add-hook 'outline-minor-mode-hook 'outshine-hook-function)

I can start with a .py file.  M-x outline-minor-mode.

Now typing

* this is a header

and then using comment-region on it:

## * this is a header

appears to be recognized as header (blue font).

But on menu, outshine demote/promote etc are grayed out, no matter where
I put my cursor (in header, at beginning of line, end of line, middle of 

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