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Re: I'm looking for a project management system for Emacs

From: Dan.Espen
Subject: Re: I'm looking for a project management system for Emacs
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2014 13:11:33 -0400
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Marcin Borkowski <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello all,
> as stated in the subject line, I'm looking for a project management
> system in Emacs.  Since there are quite a few of them, I thought I
> could ask here.  I don't have /strict/ requirements, but rather a few
> problems I'd like that system to address, and a few features I'd
> probably need.
> 1. When I have many files open, switching to another buffer is a bit
> cumbersome, even when using Ido.  I'd like that system to have
> something like "ido-switch-buffer-within-project".
> 2. Files of the project might not be located in one folder (so
> e.g. Projectile probably won't work for me).  Rationale: there may be
> a few files somehere down the ~/Documents hierarchy and /one/ file in
> ~/org.  On the other hand, I'd like to be able to specify that "this
> file and all files in that directory belong to this project", without
> manually listing all the files in "that directory".  It would then be
> best if adding a file into the specified directory (or tree) would add
> it /automatically/ to the project.
> 3. One file may belong to more than one project.  Rationale: see above.
> 4. It would be great if I could mark some /global/ variables
> project-dependent, i.e., each variable would have its "project
> instance", and switching between projects would mean changing its
> value accordingly.  (It would probably also need some kind of
> persistence, too.)  Rationale: org-clock-history;).
> 5. Of course, I'd like to be able to visit/kill all files/buffers
> related to the project with one command.  Also, adding a project (and
> a file/files to an existing project) should be possible in some
> interactive way (though using some Elisp variable for that might be
> acceptable).
> 6. On the other hand, window configuration management is not a must
> for me - currently I work 98% of the time on a small netbook and
> usually have only one window open anyway.  I'm planning to use a
> larger monitor in some time, though, so while not necessary, this
> would be a nice bonus.
> Is there anything in existence that would help me?  Are there any
> potentially useful features I did not think of that people find
> useful?

The only clear requirement I get out of this is open all files in
a project.

The Makefile has to have the file list anyway.

Perhaps something like:

PROJ_SRC:=$(wildcard *.c)
PROJ_HDR:=$(wildcard *.h)

        emacsclient $(PROJ_SRC) $(PROJ_HDR)

Dan Espen

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