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Re: I'm looking for a project management system for Emacs

From: Marcin Borkowski
Subject: Re: I'm looking for a project management system for Emacs
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 21:14:02 +0200

Dnia 2014-03-30, o godz. 10:18:40
address@hidden (Dan.Espen) napisaƂ(a):

> >> Nope, big Gnumake fan here.
> >> Any directory/project I do work in is going to have Makefile(s).
> >
> > Well, then I deduce that you are not a heavy LaTeX user.  (Am I
> > right, dear Watson? ;) )  The problem is that the make model (using
> > timestamps) is a bit too simplistic for LaTeX: due to the way
> > references (& friends) work, the .aux file basically depends on
> > itself, but only if it contains a line saying
> Right.  Latex is for printing isn't it?

Rather typesetting, usually to a pdf file (at least nowadays).  Of
course, most of the time this means that something will eventually find
its way to a dead tree.  (OTOH, there /are/ TeX-based engines which can
output HTML/XML, too.)

> I do a lot of documentation writing.
> But HTML/CSS (and Makefiles) are my weapon of choice.

This is a very good choice, /if/ you do not aim for high typographical
quality and/or atypical applications (typesetting of chemical
formulae, musical notation, dictionaries etc.).

Out of curiosity: are there /any/ HTML/CSS rendering solutions
(browsers, ebook readers etc.) which handle breaking paragraphs into
lines in an aesthetically satisfactory way (i.e., employ the
Knuth-Plass algorithm, for instance)?

> I have rules for content generation (like a TOC), uploading, thumbnail
> creation, packaging...

Do you aim for online browsing only, or for a printed version, too?  If
the latter, how do you handle the problem of (potentially) unstable
forward page references?


Marcin Borkowski
Adam Mickiewicz University

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