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Re: Emacs Package Loading & .emacs ??

From: Martin
Subject: Re: Emacs Package Loading & .emacs ??
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 09:43:52 +0200
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David Masterson writes:

> I used the Emacs package menu to install the latest version of Org
> (8.2.5h).  It installed it into ~/.emacs.d/elpa as you would expect.
> Now, I'm trying to initialize Org and make proper use of it, but it
> appears that the new Org package is not initializing right and, instead,
> I am picking up the one that came with Emacs 24.3 as describe-variable
> on org-version reports 7.9.3f.  Yet, I see the new Org's directory on
> the load-path, so something ran.
> Can someone explain the package loading process?  In particular, I get
> the sense that the new package is added to the load-path *after* my
> .emacs is loaded.  If that is true, what is the proper way to make use
> of the new package as adding (require 'org) to my .emacs will pick up
> the original Org and not the installed package?  Should I physically
> delete the original Org module that came with Emacs?


uninstall the old version ?

  <menu-bar> <package-menu> <md> runs the command
  package-menu-mark-delete, which is an interactive compiled Lisp
  function in `package.el'.

  It is bound to d, <menu-bar> <package-menu> <md>.

  (package-menu-mark-delete &optional NUM)

  Mark a package for deletion and move to the next line.


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