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Re: C-v on cua-mode

From: Tak Kunihiro
Subject: Re: C-v on cua-mode
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 21:42:16 +0900 (JST)

Thank you to introduce `simpleclip.el', which is alternative to

Most of machines in our laboratory run on Windows and it is just
unfortunate that win-c, win-x, and win-v are all captured by operating
system.  However, there still is an app-key!  I configured our Emacs
in the following manner.

(cua-selection-mode t)
(setq nt-p (eq system-type 'windows-nt))
(setq w32-lwindow-modifier 'super)
(setq w32-apps-modifier 'super)
(when (and nt-p (require 'simpleclip nil t))
  (simpleclip-mode 1))
;;          super-c   simpleclip-copy
;;          super-x   simpleclip-cut
;;          super-v   simpleclip-paste
;; control-<insert>   simpleclip-copy
;;   shift-<delete>   simpleclip-cut
;;   shift-<insert>   simpleclip-paste

The win-key may be overwritten by the app-key using `remapkey.exe'.
Thank you again.


From: Sharon Kimble <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: C-v on cua-mode
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 15:13:12 +0100

> Tak Kunihiro <address@hidden> writes:
>> Dear all,
>> I am eager to force people in our laboratory to utilize power of Emacs
>> to write a LaTeX document.  But I cannot turn them around from TeXShop
>> or TeXworks.
>> I believe cua-mode helps.  Then my personal issue arises. I am happy
>> with C-z, C-x, and C-c; however, I cannot get along without C-v.
>> Is there a nice, possible, and practical solution? 
>> Best regards,
>> Tak Kunihiro
> Have you tried 'Simpleclip'? "simpleclip.el --- Simplified access to the
> system clipboard"
> ";; By default, Emacs orchestrates a subtle interaction between the
> ;; internal kill ring and the external system clipboard.
> ;;
> ;; `simpleclip-mode' radically simplifies clipboard handling: the
> ;; system clipboard and the Emacs kill ring are made completely
> ;; independent, and never influence each other.
> ;;
> ;; `simpleclip-mode' also enables support for accessing the system
> ;; clipboard from a TTY where possible.  You will likely need to
> ;; set up custom keybindings if you want to take advantage of that.
> ;;
> ;; To use simpleclip, place the simpleclip.el library somewhere
> ;; Emacs can find it, and add the following to your ~/.emacs file:
> ;;
> ;;     (require 'simpleclip)
> ;;     (simpleclip-mode 1)"
> I use it all the time and its very good and nice to use. Have a look-see.
> Sharon.

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