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Re: Disable erc-fill-mode

From: Esben Stien
Subject: Re: Disable erc-fill-mode
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 20:18:14 +0200
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Alex Kost <address@hidden> writes:

> Try to remove `fill' symbol from `erc-modules' variable or just set the
> latter to the list of modules you need - (info "(erc) Modules").

I copied the following into my irc.lisp file and evaluated it, but there's
still no difference.

(defcustom erc-modules '(netsplit button match track completion readonly
                         networks ring autojoin noncommands irccontrols
                         move-to-prompt stamp menu list)
  "A list of modules which ERC should enable.
If you set the value of this without using `customize' remember to call
\(erc-update-modules) after you change it.  When using `customize', modules
removed from the list will be disabled."
  :get (lambda (sym)
         ;; replace outdated names with their newer equivalents
         (erc-migrate-modules (symbol-value sym)))
  :set (lambda (sym val)
         ;; disable modules which have just been removed
         (when (and (boundp 'erc-modules) erc-modules val)
           (dolist (module erc-modules)
             (unless (member module val)
               (let ((f (intern-soft (format "erc-%s-mode" module))))
                 (when (and (fboundp f) (boundp f) (symbol-value f))
                   (message "Disabling `erc-%s'" module)
                   (funcall f 0))))))
         (set sym val)
         ;; this test is for the case where erc hasn't been loaded yet
         (when (fboundp 'erc-update-modules)
    :greedy t
    (const :tag "autoaway: Set away status automatically" autoaway)
    (const :tag "autojoin: Join channels automatically" autojoin)
    (const :tag "button: Buttonize URLs, nicknames, and other text" button)
    (const :tag "capab: Mark unidentified users on servers supporting CAPAB"
    (const :tag "completion: Complete nicknames and commands (programmable)"
    (const :tag "hecomplete: Complete nicknames and commands (obsolete, use 
\"completion\")" hecomplete)
    (const :tag "dcc: Provide Direct Client-to-Client support" dcc)
    (const :tag "fill: Wrap long lines" fill)
    (const :tag "identd: Launch an identd server on port 8113" identd)
    (const :tag "irccontrols: Highlight or remove IRC control characters"
    (const :tag "keep-place: Leave point above un-viewed text" keep-place)
    (const :tag "list: List channels in a separate buffer" list)
    (const :tag "log: Save buffers in logs" log)
    (const :tag "match: Highlight pals, fools, and other keywords" match)
    (const :tag "menu: Display a menu in ERC buffers" menu)
    (const :tag "move-to-prompt: Move to the prompt when typing text"
    (const :tag "netsplit: Detect netsplits" netsplit)
    (const :tag "networks: Provide data about IRC networks" networks)
    (const :tag "noncommands: Don't display non-IRC commands after evaluation"
    (const :tag
           "notify: Notify when the online status of certain users changes"
    (const :tag "notifications: Send notifications on PRIVMSG or nickname 
    (const :tag "page: Process CTCP PAGE requests from IRC" page)
    (const :tag "readonly: Make displayed lines read-only" readonly)
    (const :tag "replace: Replace text in messages" replace)
    (const :tag "ring: Enable an input history" ring)
    (const :tag "scrolltobottom: Scroll to the bottom of the buffer"
    (const :tag "services: Identify to Nickserv (IRC Services) automatically"
    (const :tag "smiley: Convert smileys to pretty icons" smiley)
    (const :tag "sound: Play sounds when you receive CTCP SOUND requests"
    (const :tag "stamp: Add timestamps to messages" stamp)
    (const :tag "spelling: Check spelling" spelling)
    (const :tag "track: Track channel activity in the mode-line" track)
    (const :tag "truncate: Truncate buffers to a certain size" truncate)
    (const :tag "unmorse: Translate morse code in messages" unmorse)
    (const :tag "xdcc: Act as an XDCC file-server" xdcc)
    (repeat :tag "Others" :inline t symbol))
  :group 'erc)

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         http://www. s     t    n m
          irc://irc.  b  -  i  .   e/%23contact
           sip:b0ef@   e     e 
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