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Re: design ponderings: plist to alist

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: Re: design ponderings: plist to alist
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 10:16:19 +0200
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Thien-Thi Nguyen <address@hidden> writes:

> includes a function to convert plist (succinct to humans) to alist
> (succinct to computers).  I spent 20 minutes poking around the Emacs
> source searching for something builtin, to no avail.  

Are you aware of package kv.el from Nic Ferrier?

| 43 matches for "^[[:space:]]*(def[maus][^elt][a-z]*\*? " in buffer: kv.el
|      37:(defun kvalist->hash (alist &rest hash-table-args)
|      48:(defun kvhash->alist (hash &optional func)
|      68:(defun kvfa (key alist receive)
|      77:(defun kva (key alist)
|      83:(defun kvaq (key alist)
|      89:(defun kvaqc (key alist)
|      97:(defun kvassoc= (key value alist)
|     107:(defun kvassoqc (key alist)
|     115:(defun kvassoq= (key value alist)
|     129:(defun kvmatch (key regex alist)
|     134:(defun* kvquery->func (query &key
|     177:(defun kvplist2get (plist2 keyword value)
|     183:(defun kvthing->keyword (str-or-symbol)
|     192:(defun kvalist->plist (alist)
|     201:(defun kvacons (&rest args)
|     205:(defun keyword->symbol (keyword)
|     213:(defun kvplist->alist (plist &optional keys-are-keywords)
|     228:(defun kvalist2->plist (alist2)
|     234:(defun kvalist->keys (alist)
|     238:(defun kvalist->values (alist)
|     242:(defun kvalist-sort (alist pred)
|     246:(defun kvalist-sort-by-value (alist pred)
|     250:(defun kvalist->filter-keys (alist &rest keys)
|     258:(defun kvplist->filter-keys (plist &rest keys)
|     273:(defun kvplist2->filter-keys (plist2 &rest keys)
|     278:(defun kvalist2->filter-keys (alist2 &rest keys)
|     283:(defun kvalist2->alist (alist2 car-key cdr-key &optional proper)
|     317:(defun* kvalist-keys->symbols (alist &key (first-fn 'identity))
|     329:(defun kvalist2-filter (alist2 fn)
|     337:(defun kvidentity (a b)
|     341:(defun kvcar (a b)
|     345:(defun kvcdr (a b)
|     349:(defun kvcmp (a b)
|     356:(defun kvqsort (lst)
|     368:(defun kvalist-set-value! (alist key value)
|     378:(defun kvdotassoc-fn (expr table func)
|     412:(defun kvdotassoc (expr table)
|     416:(defun kvdotassq (expr table)
|     420:(defun kvdotassoc= (expr value table)
|     428:(defmacro kv--destructuring-map (map-function args sequence &rest 
|     436:(defmacro kvmap-bind (args sexp seq)
|     449:(defun kvplist-merge (&rest plists)


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