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Black Background with moe-dark

From: Esben Stien
Subject: Black Background with moe-dark
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2014 05:21:51 +0200
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I'm trying to get a black background with moe-dark theme, but no matter
what I try, it won't get any darker than this:

In moe-dark-theme.el, there's:

(white-1 "#c6c6c6") (white-2 "#c6c6c6") (white-3 "#b2b2b2") (black-1 "#a8a8a8") 
(black-2 "#8a8a8a")
(black-2-5 "#6c6c6c") (black-3 "#4e4e4e") (black-4 "#3a3a3a")
(black-5 "#303030") (black-6 "#000000")

, which seems ok.

The code below it sets the background color, to my understanding: 

   ;; Ensure sufficient contrast on low-color terminals.                        
   `(default ((((class color) (min-colors 4096))
               (:foreground ,white-1 :background ,cyan-4))
              (((class color) (min-colors 256))
               (:foreground ,white-1 :background ,black-6));;set this value for 
               (:foreground ,white-1 :background ,black-6))))
   `(cursor ((,class (:background ,black-6))))

If I set it to white-2 or any other color in the list, it works fine,
but black-6, which is supposed to be pitch black, is gray.

Any idea if there's any other variables here that somehow modifies this?

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