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Re: change of ISP gives rise to new email address

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: change of ISP gives rise to new email address
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2014 14:18:55 -0600
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Sharon Kimble wrote:
> I sent a mail to the main list this morning at 0732 and yet it has not shown
> in the lists current postings. Is there a problem with it please?

There is no problem with the lists at this moment.  Everything is
operating nominally.  Email is not an instant messaging service.
Email is store and forward and delivered on a best effort basis.
Email is only a small percentage valid email and almost all email
processed by mail servers today is spam.  Dealing with the large
volume of spam and trying to pick out the few valid emails from the
rest is an overriding factor.  If we had no spam then email could be
faster and more reliable.  I should figure out what the current spam
rate is on the mailing lists these days as that would be an
interesting metric.  I am confident non-spam would be a thin sliver of
all of it.

> I was previously subscribed using "address@hidden" but have just
> changed my ISP so my permanent email address will be as above.

Since your email address changed then to all of the world you have
started over with zero reputation with the new address.  Your new
address is unknown to Mailman.  It is a new born baby.  To the mailing
list admin we don't know if a new address is going to be spam or
non-spam.  Every new address to the mailing lists is held for human
moderation until a valid email message is seen from it.  Spammers
routinely subscribe to mailing lists and then send spam trying to
"game" the subscriber whitelist feature making it useless to us now.
Because you had a new address any message you sent will have been held
for human moderation review to verify that it wasn't a new spammer

I am one of the volunteer moderators.  I didn't see your initial
message this morning from your new address so one of the others
handled it.  But now that it has been seen your address will be in the
Mailman list and will not be moderated further.  Subsequent messages
will be passed through without delay.

This process is described in brief detail here at this page.

> Is there anything else I need to do to continue posting to this
> groups email please?

Patience is all that is needed.  Since you have changed email
addresses the initial hold for moderation upon new contact will apply
to each mailing list that you contribute.  Unfortunately Mailman does
not support a global known address list.


Speaking as one of the volunteer mailing list admins.

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