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Re: RTF for emacs

From: Charles Philip Chan
Subject: Re: RTF for emacs
Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 21:22:00 -0400
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Robert Thorpe <> writes:

Hi Robert:

This is why I suggested Org-mode earlier. It uses a very light weight
and human readable markup language.[1]

> I gave a few examples earlier, what about letters?

In Org-mode, one can publish a letter to LaTeX or pdf using the
ox-koma-letter backend.

> What about short documents containing tables and diagram?  I often
> write these at work to explain things to other people.

For tables, Org-mode have a built in table editor (with a full menu). It
is actually a spreadsheet with the full power of calc behind it. For
even more complex table layouts, Org-mode supports table.el.[2]

As for diagrams, Org-mode supports many methods such as artist-mode,
ditaa[3], etc.

> What about making a document that's just a set of photos or pictures?

In Org-mode inline pictures are included using a very simple syntax like


If one is running Emacs graphically, one can even display the pictures
inline in the buffer.




"MSDOS didn't get as bad as it is overnight -- it took over ten years
of careful development."

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