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Re: Reuse frame with emacsclient and/or use shell aliases when finding f

From: Jacob Gerlach
Subject: Re: Reuse frame with emacsclient and/or use shell aliases when finding files
Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 07:16:03 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

> That's wierd.  Have a look at the section on "Emacs Server" in the Emacs
> manual.  Emacsclient can only work if you have an Emacs server running.
> To get one you have to start Emacs then run (server-start).  After that
> emacsclient will send a message to the running Emacs server telling it
> to open the file.
Perhaps a bit of miscommunication. I was starting the server by running `emacs 
--daemon'. From my reading of the server help page, this does more or less the 
same thing as a regular instance with (server-start). 
> Try the following: 
> * Close all Emacs instances.
> * From the command line type "Emacs &" and minimize the Emacs.
> * Execute (server-start) e.g. by typing it into scratch and pressing C-x
> C-e with the cursor at the end of the line.
> * From a shell type "emacsclient file.txt".
> After the last step the existing Emacs should pop-up with the file open
> in it.
Previous comment about --daemon notwithstanding, I tried it the way you 
suggest, and this seems closer to the functionality I'm looking for. I need to 
play around with this a bit and see if I can tweak it to work exactly the way I 
For example, I'd like the same shell command to start emacs initially as to 
connect as a client if it's already running. I think I figured out how to do 
this when running --daemon, specifying alternate editor as ''. I imagine it's 
something similar.

> So it does.  I'd say that's a bug in shell mode.
OK. I double checked that this occurs under emacs -q, so I'll M-x 
report-emacs-bug about it.

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