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Re: From: Sharon Kimble, Subject: Re: editor and word processor history

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: From: Sharon Kimble, Subject: Re: editor and word processor history
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2014 01:54:53 +0200
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Sharon Kimble <> writes:

> Yes Emanuel, I put my hand up and say in my
> defence. that I'm still learning my way around gnus
> and sent a "wide reply and yank" instead of what I
> really wanted, a "very wide reply and yank". I was
> unaware of the difference, but now I know better,
> sorry!

Ha-ha, absolutely no problem, we are all here to learn,
and often we actually succeed.

I enjoyed the story by the way, especially the part
with the cigarettes and that stiff guy who didn't
appreciate the greeting.

I remember playing a game as a kid, "Beyond Dark
Castle", it was the coolest game ever because you moved
the guy with A, S, D, and W, and aimed his
rock-throwing arm with the mouse (and hit the mouse
button to throw) - so when people got all exited about
Quake (where you did the exact same thing, only in 3D),
I guess that's nothing to be all ecstatic about... (but
that game rocked, too) - anyway, in BDC, if you played
that at Christmas Eve, instead of some other detail,
which I don't remember, there was a huge, decorated
tree! It was so cool because until that point I hadn't
contemplated the computer actually would know the
current date...

As for smoking, some people have the sense of smell to
tell if a used computer belonged to a smoker or not. If
that happened, I wonder how you would ever get it away?
The keyboard can be cleaned of hair, of course...

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