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safe-local-variable-values does not work for one variable

From: Karl Voit
Subject: safe-local-variable-values does not work for one variable
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 11:52:22 +0200
User-agent: slrn/0.9.9 (Linux)


In general, safe-local-variable-values works as expected at my side.
However, I've got an Org-mode file with following local variable:

: %%% Local Variables:
: %%% reftex-default-bibliography: '("~/archive/library")
: %%%% End:

Each time I start my Emacs[1], I get asked the usual
yes/no/accept_as_safe question regarding this local variable.

I press "!" to mark/store it as being safe. I get the message: 

: Saving file /home/vk/hosts/all/config/emacs.d/init-gary.el...

NOTE: This is a symlink to /home/vk/hosts/all/config/emacs.d/init.el
and /home/vk/hosts/all/config/emacs.d is linked to ~/.emacs.d -> so
this indirection is working in general and thus, the symlinks should
not cause this issue: "grep bibliography ~/.emacs.d/init.el" is
returning the saved custom-set-variables as expected:

| (custom-set-variables
|  ;; custom-set-variables was added by Custom.
|  ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.
|  ;; Your init file should contain only one such instance.
|  ;; If there is more than one, they won't work right.
|  '(inhibit-startup-screen t)
|  '(safe-local-variable-values
|    (quote
|     ((reftex-default-bibliography quote
|                                   ("~/archive/library"))
|      (flyspell-default-dictionary . "en_US")
|      (eval ispell-change-dictionary "american")
|      (eval ispell-change-dictionary "german8")
|      (flyspell-default-dictionary . "german8")
|      (eval ispell-change-dictionary "de_AT")
|      (eval ispell-change-dictionary "en_US")
|      (eval flyspell-mode 1)))))

How can I get rid of this behavior so that Emacs starts without
asking me the same question every time?

  1. GNU Emacs (x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.4.2)
  of 2014-01-01 on gkar, modified by Debian

All in all, one of the most disturbing things today is the definitive
fact that the NSA, GCHQ, and many more government organizations are
massively terrorizing the freedom of us and the next generations.

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