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Re: viper-mode C-[ behavior change in Emacs 24.4

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: viper-mode C-[ behavior change in Emacs 24.4
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2014 01:26:23 +0100

Emanuel Berg <address@hidden> writes:

> Robert Thorpe <address@hidden> writes:
> Well, I think most people use their package managers as
> that is one of the huge advantages with (most
> distributions of) Linux. Debian has parallel sets of
> software depending on how cutting edge, or, at the
> other end, how stable the user desires the software to
> be.

Yes, I use a package manager too.  But I don't always believe it when
the package manager says "stable" or "unstable", and I sometimes don't
believe the version numbers either.  On the stability issue the opinion
of the developers may be completely different.  Of course sometimes the
developers are wrong and the distro writers are right, not often though.

> Anyway, so
> whatever Emacs you can get from your distro's
> repositories should be considered "released"? Sounds
> logical...

No.  Distros do all sorts of wierd things, including sometimes releasing
alphas, betas or even separate builds they've done themselves.  To give
an old example, one time Red Hat released their own version of GCC.
They took the release branch of GCC's version-control repository, fixed
a few little things and released it.  They didn't even do that in an
"unstable" distro.

Robert Thorpe

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