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remote file editing and local copy for web development (like dreamweaver

From: Infrid
Subject: remote file editing and local copy for web development (like dreamweaver)
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 13:58:18 +0200
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hi all,
I'm a web developers and my co-workers use dreamweaver for editing PHP
files in a live environment (I know is a bad practice) in this way:

1. From a menu they "open" the web site location, dreamweaver knows
where the files are on the net.

2. They navigate in the file system end select the file for edit

3. dreamweaver actually download the file and it puts in a directory
following the remote paths. Example: if you edit ~/dira/dirb/file.txt it
create the path under c:\myWeb\dira\dirb\file.txt

4. When they save, dreamweaver write the local file and uploads it to
the remote location.
In the end you have a partial copy of the web site on your hard drive.

how can I get the same behavior in emacs? I've searched for a packages
for this without success.

many thanks


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