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Re: remote file editing and local copy for web development (like dreamwe

From: Eric Abrahamsen
Subject: Re: remote file editing and local copy for web development (like dreamweaver)
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 22:14:10 +0800
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Infrid <address@hidden> writes:

> hi all,
> I'm a web developers and my co-workers use dreamweaver for editing PHP
> files in a live environment (I know is a bad practice) in this way:
> 1. From a menu they "open" the web site location, dreamweaver knows
> where the files are on the net.
> 2. They navigate in the file system end select the file for edit
> 3. dreamweaver actually download the file and it puts in a directory
> following the remote paths. Example: if you edit ~/dira/dirb/file.txt it
> create the path under c:\myWeb\dira\dirb\file.txt
> 4. When they save, dreamweaver write the local file and uploads it to
> the remote location.
> In the end you have a partial copy of the web site on your hard drive.
> how can I get the same behavior in emacs? I've searched for a packages
> for this without success.

This sounds like *exactly* what tramp does, except for the part at the
end where you have a partial copy retained locally. You don't need to
install/load/configure tramp, it should work transparently if you find a
file with a remote server specification in the filename, ie
/address@hidden:path/to.file. With proper ssh configuration, it becomes very

To be honest, keeping a partial local copy sounds like a bad idea.
Either edit remotely with tramp, or edit locally with git or something
similar. But maybe someone can tell you how to do the partial


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