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Re: Sending a region to another X application

From: Buchs, Kevin J.
Subject: Re: Sending a region to another X application
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 11:33:56 -0500
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This is more of a general programming question than an emacs one, so you might want to target me off list if you have follow-up questions. Having some experience with TCL, I know that often a command shell is just a TCL shell with functions defined for the commands you execute. If you have such a situation, you can extend that shell with some code that can accept commands from a network connection, pipe, or even via the X clipboard. If you have created a major mode in emacs, you know enough to know that you can talk to these communication channels from emacs lisp without too much work. Extending the TCL shell is your major task.

As for using X-Window, I've not heard of such a thing done for inter-application communication, but I suppose it is possible. You want to generate X events for the keystrokes. It would take some work, so think books when you are looking for documentation. Maybe some open source GUI testing program could give you some pointers. I wouldn't choose to go this route, however.

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Sending a region to another X application

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