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Re: mark-* misbehaviour on primary selection

From: Mat
Subject: Re: mark-* misbehaviour on primary selection
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 10:25:07 +0200
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> Can you give us more details? It works fine for me.

1) in emacs, I press C-space, then go with the pointer somewhere
then in bash terminal, outside of emacs, command "xclip -o" returns text marked. This is OK.

2) in emacs: M-x mark-end-of-sentence. "xclip -o" again returns text marked. OK.

3) in emacs: M-x mark-word. "xclip -o" does NOT return text marked. Not OK.

What is even stranger: in emacs: M-x mark-word, then additionally moving the pointer with arrow keys in either direction. "xclip -o" returns text marked. This time OK!!!

`mark-word' is not the only mark-* comand that behaves this way.

I observe it both on emacs 24.3 (built from original sources without any debian/ubuntu modifications) and emacs built from yesterday's bzr trunk. Ubuntu 12.04.


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