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Re: Regex replace for numbers

From: Robert Thorpe
Subject: Re: Regex replace for numbers
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 2014 02:41:32 +0100

Marcin Borkowski <> writes:
> On 2014-10-03, at 02:33, Robert Thorpe wrote:
>> I'm not very good with Emacs regex, I need to search-and-replace on some 
>> numbers.
>> How can I detect unnecessary zeros at the end of a number and chop them
>> off?  E.g. turn 567.45000 to 567.45 without also turning 6700 to 67.
> What about
> M-%
> \([0-9]+\)\.\([0-9]*?\)0+   RET
> \1.\2    RET

That needs C-M-%, regexp-replace.  If I have a number like 456.0040 then
it replaces the first two zeros giving 456.40, which is wrong.  It seems
that shortest-match regexps aren't very useful here.  If I remove the ?
in the regexp then it works, but it only removes one layer of zeros at a
time, so e.g. 567.45000 becomes 567.4500.

Robert Thorpe

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