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Re: DocView: process ps->pdf changed status to killed.

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: DocView: process ps->pdf changed status to killed.
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2014 11:07:01 +0200
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Pierre Lorenzon <> writes:

Hi Pierre,

>> Ok, I see.  But is it still true that the `start-process' form of my
>> last mail worked, i.e., the process finished normally without being
>> killed?  That would be strange since that's pretty much the same what
>> doc-view does except that the latter might use a different
>> `default-directory'.
>> So if it really worked, please try:
>> (let* ((default-directory (or (unhandled-file-name-directory
>>                             default-directory)
>>                            (expand-file-name "~/")))
>>        (process (start-process "ps2pdf conversion"
>>                             "ps2pdf conversion output"
>>                             "ps2pdf"
>>                             "-dSAFER"
>>                             "/home/devel/"
>> "/tmp/docview1001/")))
>>   (set-process-sentinel process
>>                         #'(lambda (proc event)
>>                             (message "Process: %s had the event `%s'"
>>                                      proc event))))  ;; C-x C-e here
>> Now that's really exactly what doc-view does.
>   Not really exactly as I see in the code since I saw a few
>   supplementary things like recording the process in a list etc
>   ...

Yes, true.

>   Anyway the code above gives finished since C-c C-c then y
>   still gives killed in buffer I will investigate more
>   precisely but I have not much time at the moement.

Ok.  Then let's check if doc-view itself kills the txt conversion
process.  To do that, please do `M-x trace-function RET
doc-view-kill-proc RET' and try opening your document and convert it to


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