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[Guide] Exploring large projects with Projectile and Helm Projectile

From: Tu, Do
Subject: [Guide] Exploring large projects with Projectile and Helm Projectile
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2014 22:35:47 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

Exploring large projects with Projectile and Helm Projectile:

I wrote this guide after many new changes in Helm Projectile. The new Helm 
Projectile is not just a single command `helm-projectile` anymore; it can now 
replace many Projectile "core commands", such as `projectile-find-file`.

A few demos:

- Select and open multiple files, 
: Now we can open multiple files at once with `helm-projectile`. It outweighs 
Ido + flx for finding files, since you can only open one file in Ido. Yes, you 
can open one file faster in Helm, but when you need to open two or more files, 
Helm is more suitable for the large.

- Jump to any file depends on context, even if the file path is in a text file,

- Switch between other files with same names but different extensions,
 . Work not only for C/C++ but other languages, and is customizable. You don't 
have to configure anything, like adding include paths for the command to 
search. Everything is automatic. Just use it as it is.

- Ediff two selected files from helm-projectile-find-file,

- Invoke Etags while in helm-projectile-find-file session; when in Etags 
session, you can switch back later to helm-projectile-find-file,

- You can invoke `helm-do-grep` on any project directory when using a 
`helm-projectile` command.

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