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Re: Emacs for Windows

From: E Sabof
Subject: Re: Emacs for Windows
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 21:38:57 +0100
User-agent: mu4e; emacs

I recall trying to get GIT (which comes with it's own mini posix environment), 
ack-grep (not part of cygwin, and requiring a windows version of perl), SSH (I 
think from cygwin) to get along, while trying to keep thing like find-dired and 
find-grep working.

Admittedly it's more of a general unix-on-windows problem.


Eli Zaretskii <> writes:

>> From: E Sabof <>
>> Date: Thu, 09 Oct 2014 23:37:38 +0100
>> Cc:
>> Last time I've tried using Emacs on Windows
> When was that?
>> finding adequate replacements for Unix utilities and libraries was a
>> problem.
> Which utilities did you not find easily, and where did you look?  I
> can show 3 URLs where you will find MinGW binaries of everything
> (well, everything I have on my systems ;-).
>> There should be demand for a well-researched, batteries-included 
>> distribution.
> I don't think everything should be in the same zip, though.  Doing so
> causes trouble in the long run, because different packages have
> different schedules, and you want to upgrade to the newer versions
> from time to time.

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