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Re: Suite of Color Themes for console

From: Tim Johnson
Subject: Re: Suite of Color Themes for console
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 13:22:36 -0800
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* Tim Johnson <> [141021 15:33]:
> I'm "breaking in" myself on emacs 24 running out of iTerm on Mac OS
> X 10.7. I need to be able to switch color themes from dark to light
> to blue to off-white (or something similar) depending on eyestrain
> and ambient light in my environment.
> I've downloaded a whole lot of color themes and have been
> experimenting with them. In some cases I find "munged" colors when I
> switch color schemes - and I'm guessing that is because when Theme B
> follows theme A, Theme B may not have all of the same attributes set
> as Theme A and thus "inherits" colors from Theme A. I don't really
> care for that.
> Example : fogus appears to have no settings for 'link and radiance
> does, so when I switch from radiance to fogus, links show up with
> the same background and foreground as radiance.
> Has anyone a suite of color themes that they would be willing to
> recommend or to share?
> Alternatively can anyone recommend a remedy for my example?
  I sure appreciate the replies that I got on this topic. Emacs is
  just like a box of chocolates!

  The following code works for me as a solution (so far) :

;; set up a variable and initialize it
(defvar tj-current-theme 'better-tango-dark "Current Color Theme")
;; Install the default scheme
(load-theme tj-current-theme t)
;; Function to first disable current theme, then create
;; and install a new one
(defun tj-load-theme (new-theme)
  "Disable existing themes before loading new theme"
  (disable-theme tj-current-theme)
  (setq tj-current-theme new-theme)
  (load-theme tj-current-theme))

;; Example menu
(easy-menu-add-item ;; console
 nil nil
 '(["1) Blue - Blackboard" (tj-load-theme 'blackboard) :active t]
   ["2) Dark - Better Tango" (tj-load-theme 'better-tango-dark) :active t]
   ["3) Dark - Junio" (tj-load-theme 'junio) :active t]
   ["4) Dark - Tango" (tj-load-theme 'better-tango-dark) :active t]
   ["5) Light - Github" (tj-load-theme 'github) :active t]
   ["6) Light - Professional" (tj-load-theme 'professional) :active t]
   ["7) Light - Snowish" (tj-load-theme 'snowish) :active t]
   ["8) Light - Tango" (tj-load-theme 'tango) :active t]
   ["9) Medium Blue - Resolve" (tj-load-theme 'resolve) :active t]

thanks and best wishes
tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com,

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