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Re: DocView: process ps->pdf changed status to killed.

From: Pierre Lorenzon
Subject: Re: DocView: process ps->pdf changed status to killed.
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 07:11:56 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Tassilo and Stefan,

Thanks to take care of this problem ! As you saw I have no time
at the moment to think about this question but I'd be verry
happy that this doc-view works ! So thanks again and I'll wait
until you have fix it !


From: Stefan Monnier <>
Subject: Re: DocView: process ps->pdf changed status to killed.
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2014 08:34:19 -0400

>>>> - we change the .txt system so that it displays the text in the
>>>> original buffer rather than in an auxiliary buffer (and hence we don't
>>>> switch back to ps-mode).
>>> That's an alternative I've also thought about.  I'll see if that's
>>> feasible...
>> Ok, here's a patch which does that.  `C-c C-t' or saying yes to the
>> initial "Cannot render; wanna view the text instead?" query replaces the
>> buffer contents with the text contents of the document and switches to
>> text-mode + doc-view-minor-mode.  The buffer is still read-only so that
>> you can't modify it because it keeps the file association to the
>> original file.
> I suggest to set a write-buffer hook to try and make extra sure we don't
> end up overwriting the file.
>> With `C-c C-c' you can toggle back to viewing the page images, with
>> another `C-c C-c' you're back at the original document in its editing
>> mode (fundamental-mode, ps-mode, or archive-mode for ODF files).
> For the case at hand, we can't view images, so the first C-c C-c should
> switch right back to ps-mode.
>> +      (let ((inhibit-read-only t))
>> +        (set-buffer-multibyte t)
> I strongly recommend not do use set-buffer-multibyte on a non-empty
> buffer (this is a general rule, but is especially true in our case since
> we may have a mostly-binary file, in which case (set-buffer-multibyte t)
> can have a lot of work to do (and suffered from an O(N^2) behavior not
> that long ago, not sure if we fixed it)).
> And since we throw away the buffer's content right after anyway, we may
> as well `erase-buffer' ourselves first (and do it without preserving the
> undo info).
>> +   ((eq major-mode 'text-mode)
>> +    ;; We're currently viewing the document's text contents, so switch
>> +    ;; back to doc-view-mode.
>> +    (setq buffer-read-only nil)
>> +    (insert-file-contents buffer-file-name nil nil nil t)
> buffer-file-name can be nil.  So either we need to "stash" away the
> contents of the buffer before we erased it (e.g. we could stash it into
> an auxiliary buffer with buffer-swap-text), or simpler: use
> doc-view--buffer-file-name.
> Other than that, I think it looks good.
>         Stefan

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