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Re: Suite of Color Themes for console

From: Sharon Kimble
Subject: Re: Suite of Color Themes for console
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2014 00:42:12 +0100
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Jacob Gerlach <> writes:

> I believe there is some important distinction between custom themes and
> color themes (although I can't recall what it is). My setup is below
> (collected from various sources like the wiki - I don't claim any credit).
> I think this is the "wrapper" you're looking for.
>   (add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path
>                (file-name-as-directory
> "/home/jacob/.emacs.d/replace-colorthemes"))
>   ;; Cycle through this set of themes
>   (setq my-themes '(robin-hood charcoal-black classic dark-blue desert))
>   (setq my-cur-theme nil)
>   (defun cycle-my-theme ()
>     "Cycle through a list of themes, my-themes"
>     (interactive)
>     (when my-cur-theme
>       (disable-theme my-cur-theme)
>       (setq my-themes (append my-themes (list my-cur-theme))))
>     (setq my-cur-theme (pop my-themes))
>     (load-theme my-cur-theme t))
>   ;; Switch to the first theme in the list above
>   (cycle-my-theme)
>   (global-set-key (kbd "C-t") 'cycle-my-theme)
> The first theme in "my-themes" will be loaded on startup, and you can bind
> cycling (as I have to C-t) to make it quick and easy.

Thanks for this Jacob, it is very useful. But I do wonder if it could be
"tweaked" such that it displays the name of the theme in that black bar
at the top of emacs just before it gets onto the system-bar of the
desktop? Also, I've got a lot of themes from ELPA, which on this box is
at "/home/boudiccas/.emacs.d/elpa" which I would dearly love to use,
like this, and it works!

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
 (add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path
(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "/home/boudiccas/.emacs.d/themes")
(add-to-list 'custom-theme-load-path "/home/boudiccas/.emacs.d/elpa")
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

Any ideas please?


> On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 8:35 PM, Tim Johnson <> wrote:
>> * Alexis <> [141021 16:22]:
>> >
>> > Tim Johnson writes:
>> >
>> > > I've downloaded a whole lot of color themes and have been
>> > > experimenting with them. In some cases I find "munged" colors when I
>> > > switch color schemes - and I'm guessing that is because when Theme B
>> > > follows theme A, Theme B may not have all of the same attributes set
>> > > as Theme A and thus "inherits" colors from Theme A. I don't really
>> > > care for that.
>> > >
>> > > Example : fogus appears to have no settings for 'link and radiance
>> > > does, so when I switch from radiance to fogus, links show up with the
>> > > same background and foreground as radiance.
>> >
>> > Aiui, the theming system has been deliberately designed to allow theme
>> > additivity, i.e. enabling theme A doesn't automatically disable theme B
>> > by default. So if you want theme B to completely replace theme A, you
>> > need to M-x disable-theme before enabling theme B.
>>   Aha! so where I have
>>   ["Badger - Dark" (load-theme 'badger) :active t]
>>   I could replace with
>>   ["Badger - Dark" (disable-previous-and-load-new-theme 'badger) :active t]
>>   Where I have 'disable-previous-and-load-new-theme as a wrapper
>>   that first disables ...
>>   Am I correct?
>>   Thanks for the reply and also thanks to John Mastro.
>> --
>> Tim
>> tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com

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